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I've passed my driving test so why do I need to do Pass Plus?

A couple of stats for you: TWO young people (under 25 years old) die on Britain's roads EVERYDAY!!! 20% of drivers are involved in a crash in their first year of driving!!! New drivers are more likely to have an accident within the first two years of passing their test than at ANY other time during their driving career! If that's not reason enough (it should be!) then you could SAVE MONEY on your insurance!

How long does the Pass Plus training take?

It varies from person to person. However there must be a minimum of 6 hours training! If you need longer to complete the training there is NO EXTRA charge! Someone may need the minimum 6 hours, others may need 7 or 8 hours! It depends on how quickly you learn - just like when you learnt to drive.

How much does the Pass Plus training cost?

There is a minimum of 6 hours training (the Pass Plus course is £170 for the 6 hours training).
Further training is based on £30 per hour - only if required!

Do I have to do all the training at the same time?

No - not at all. Sessions are two hours long (just like our driving lessons) however you can increase these if you like. You can have a session once a week, once a day etc. Somone may have 2 x three hour sessions, another person may have 4 x two hour sessions. As we said, the only condition is you MUST have a minimum of 6 hours training!

What will I cover in the Pass Plus training?

  • Town driving
  • All weather driving
  • Out of town driving & rural roads
  • Night driving
  • Dual carriageways
  • Motorways

How soon after I pass my driving test should I do Pass Plus?

The scheme is designed for NEW drivers. We would say ASAP. Get the training/skills BEFORE you need them, NOT after you needed them!

What insurers accept the Pass Plus scheme?

  • AA Insurance
  • Adrian Flux Insurance Services
  • BSM Insurance Services
  • Churchill Insurance
  • CIS
  • Direct Line
  • Endsleigh
  • Norwich Union
  • Privilege
  • Provident
  • Royal and SunAlliance
  • Tesco Motor Insurers
  • Swinton
  • QUINN Direct Insurance Ltd
  • Zurich

How much will I save on my insurance once I've done Pass Plus?

Again this varies! It will depend on what insurance company you use, the type of policy etc. If you are doing Pass Plus purely on a monetary basis then we would advise you to check with the insurance companies first. If you are doing Pass Plus to improve your skills & to make you a safer driver then saving money is a bonus!!

I want to go on the motorway but I'm not confident about going on my own - can Pass Plus help?

Yes, definately! If will give you motorway experience in a dual controlled car with a qualified instructor.

How can I book the Pass Plus course or Pass Plus sessions?

Call us FREE on our FREEPHONE number: 0800 8600 983. Email us or contact us via the web form.

DSA : ADI (Car)

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